The city of Thorn Wall is a futuristic but now impoverished dystopian city. The history of Thorn wall is considerably humble. Due to the expenditures to rush the city into its futuristic state the city ran out of currency to pay for basic privileges such as Monorail Travel, Food, Construction materials. Most large-scale construction projects were cut and the mayor abandoned the city altogether.

Following the Hard-FightEdit

During the Hard-Fight the city was occupied by Hat-Top's forces in a rush to conquer the planet it was established on. Many civilians who attempted to revolt were gunned down and with a diminishing population, the people gave way. Cyborg Sam was unaware of this believing that Hat-Tops men had had a truce regarding his home city. Before either party could react the city was under siege by Sam and Kale's forces who bombed it into complete and utter unusable ash and debris. Cyborg Sam took refugee in the Amputhon-(The citie's capital building) sniping Sam's forces as they drew into the town. As Sam's forced moved past the battle Cyborg Sam was left alone and sought retribution for the traumatization and utter disregard for the city and its people. Ultimately as Cyborg Sm was one of the last surviving representatives he struck a deal with Hat-Top excluding him from Cyborg Sam's planned elimination. Left in the wake was Sam and the Mayor of the city for abandoning it during its war time.

Its inhabitants are: