The following document was retrieved, along with various others, in a raid against a HAT-TOP base by MTF-022 "Tech Support". Edit


Known deceased former "RED RIGHT HAND" members [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] During covert Deployment with [DATA EXPUNGED] While hunting down Rogue sam [REDACTED] in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Photo retrieved from the body of one of the operatives after encounter in the field on XX/XX/XXXX.

"RED RIGHT HAND" Is the code name most commonly used for the elite MTF under the direct command of Sam. They are extremely secretive and only deployed for the most crucial and dangerous missions, they are the only MTF under the command of Sam that answer only to him directly. They are lead by John [REDACTED] ,Who is seemingly the only static active duty member.

They are extremely difficult to pin down, using a very effective combination of sleeper agents, embedded operatives, and active duty operatives to effectively combat opposition and remain undetected. They are one of the top threats to the HAT-TOP organization as well as rogue Sams and any other Anti-Sam threat. Currently they have successfully neutralized [DATA EXPUNGED] rouge Sams and [DATA EXPUNGED] Hat-Top operatives.


                    MTF-001 active duty members as of XX/XX/XXXX
  • John "cap" [REDACTED] -Squad Leader

-Psych Profile: [REDACTED]

  • William "Squire" [REDACTED] -Second in command

-Psych Profile: By the books and Stern, Squire has a reputation for being hard and fair. He takes command of 001 when John is not available, He cares deeply for his squadmates and pushes them to their limits regularly to make sure they are ready for anything. He is willing to lay down his life for his men, but is fiercely loyal, and prepared to lay down his life or the lives of his men if the mission calls for it.

  • Arthur "Green" [REDACTED] -Field Medic

-Psych Profile:

  • Robert "Tangerine (Tan)" [REDACTED] -Explosives Expert
  • Ashley "Juno" [REDACTED] -Sharpshooter
  • Timothy "Tiny" [REDACTED] -Heavy Weapons Specialist KIA during operation "Snatch and Grab"