The following document was retrieved from the body of a deceased HAT-TOP spy, certain information has been redacted or expunged to prevent security leaks. Edit


John [REDACTED] Is the leader of an elite Counter-Insurgency unit under the command of main universe Sam. This group is known only as "Red Right Hand" and is known to operate out of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The group carries out a multitude of operations, from espionage to ground combat. It can be gathered that the group uses an ever changing roster of sleeper agents and active duty members to stay hidden, the only known members being ones that have been successfully eliminated by HAT-TOP operatives, a full list follows: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Because of this ever changing roster, it would seem the only static member is John [REDACTED].

It is known that John [REDACTED] is a close associate of Sam, As he and his MTF (mobile task force) are entrusted with extremely dangerous and important missions regarding a wide array of objectives. It is unknown how much direct contact He Has with Sam, But he is obviously in communication with him in one form or another at most times, as his unit is seemingly always on the move. He is a very dangerous man, and should be eliminated with extreme prejudice if seen in the field as he has extensive history with [DATA EXPUNGED], which is extremely dangerous to the HAT-TOP organization at large.