GIL is is a hermit that lives in an abandon mine shaft and is in control his own army and faction. In his base of operations, he holds a crystal named the "Green milo," One of ten ever found. He stole the Green Milo when escaping from Hat-Top's ranks. The other nine crystals were eventually found by Hat-Top and Sam respectively and were later destroyed in the war. The Milos are extremely powerful power sources and are valuable for both sides. After stealing the crystal Gil gained the trust of many high-level Hat-Top scientists and convinced them to join him who now sit inside the base and occupy the lower levels to test and monitor the power source. Gil now teaches inexperienced young wanderers the art of scavenging and forging. 

Gil is the owner of an abandoned HAT-TOP Mineshaft. The mineshaft used to be owned by the Hat-Top organization, but when Gil defected he took the abandoned mineshaft over knowing it's location due to his previous work. The mineshaft is located in a tall mountain range and is filled with old CRT monitors and computers to monitor the power system. 

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This is the symbol of the army, the army is made up of two ranks, The Strikers,

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and The Rangers.

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Gil looks like this; 

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 Gil is always accompanied by two close allies, (the Yuri brothers )
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